This is probably my favorite part of marketing! I love defining target markets and working on brand and strategy to tell a compelling story. Living in events world and marketing world, I believe storytelling is what interweaves key compelling elements together, ultimately executing mission and vision, creating value for both the company and consumer.

During my Marketing Management course, our team worked on a hypothetical repositioning plan for Alamo Drafthouse following the shutdown from the pandemic. After completing our project, Alamo Drafthouse released a reopening plan that looked a lot like our project material–so I think we were headed in the right direction!


I’ve worked with WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace to help launch websites. I have some HTML knowledge, and a little bit of CSS, so I enjoy the user-friendly and customization aspects of WordPress best. In addition to managing my own website, I’ve helped launched websites for projects and organizations I have been a part of.

  • Seen & Heard website (current web manager)
  • CU Denver Live! website during my employment
  • Lark accappella website during my role as artist & tour manager
  • Bands managed under 7S Management during my internship in 2016


I’ve had experience managing the social media accounts for CU Denver Live! and Georgetown Heritage Center & Cultural Arts. Additionally, I’m taking a graduate level social media marketing course, currently hold certifications, and am working on obtaining additional certifications.


“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” I’m a fan of using analytics and key performance indicators to determine whether a marketing campaign or strategy is working. I’ve taking courses in statistics, finance, and marketing management, so I have a good understanding of a variety of measurement tools and how to interpret them.

Additionally, I’m working on getting analytics certifications!


Click here to see my graphics portfolio!


  • Marketing During a Crisis | LinkedIn Learning
  • Advanced Content Marketing | LinkedIn Learning
  • Content Marketing Foundations | LinkedIn Learning
  • Managing Brand Reputation | LinkedIn Learning
  • Public Relations Foundations | LinkedIn Learning
  • Persuasive Selling | LinkedIn Learning
  • Marketing Management | Graduate Course | Texas State University
  • Social Media Marketing | Graduate Course | Texas State University
  • Music/Entertainment Marketing | Undergraduate Course | University of Colorado Denver